Confronting Rogg the Undying


The Real Franklin (100% Legit): HEY! He's trying to escape!
"Franklin" (Not So Innocent): Ugh, you again!
"Franklin" (Not So Innocent): Come on, man, give up! This is your word against mine.
"Franklin" (Not So Innocent): You know as well as I do you can't prove anything.
Nepenthe (Head of Admissions): Actually… he can. AND he did.
"Franklin" (Not So Innocent): Oh.
Nepenthe (Head of Admissions): We know who you are, Rogg the Undying.
"Franklin" (Not So Innocent): Well, I don't know what you think you can actually do about I—
"Franklin" (Not So Innocent): iiiiieeeeaaAAAAAH!
"Franklin" (Not So Innocent): It hurts, it hurts! What are you DOING to me?
Nepenthe (Head of Admissions): You don't belong in that body, Rogg.
Nepenthe (Head of Admissions): It's time to let the real Franklin have it back.

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