Constantine's Challenge


Constantine: Lucianus Rex!
Lucianus Rex: What's this?
Constantine: I know of your plans to find and use the darkness orb to increase your own influence.
Constantine: I cannot allow you to throw the lives of loyal Lycans away for your own ambition.
Constantine: I have come to challenge you in single combat for the Lycan Throne.
Lucianus Rex: Ha! You're no senator, you fool.
Lucianus Rex: You don't have the right.
Hero: According to the writings in the chambers of memory, any Lycan may challenge the Were-king.
Lucianus Rex: Only if the senate allows the challenge to pass…
Lucianus Rex: What say you all?
Lucianus Rex: Will you let and outsider tell us our laws?
Senator Sevro: It's a sad day when a pup and a Coliseum slave know more about werewolves than our king does.
Lucianus Rex: Be silent Sevro, you relic!
Lucianus Rex: Victra?
Lucianus Rex: Adrias, surely you have something to say?
Lucianus Rex: Anyone?!
Constantine: The challenge is issued, Were-king.
Constantine: Fight me!
Lucianus Rex: So be it.
Lucianus Rex: To the Coliseum!

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