Constantine's Plan


Constantine: What have you found, <hero>?
Hero: I have no idea. I can't read Lycan.
Constantine: Yes! This could be of use.
Constantine: It says that any Werewolf may challenge for leadership of the pack.
Constantine: But Lycan society has come a long way since these laws were written.
Hero: What do you mean?
Constantine: If a low ranking Lycan like me issues a challenge to Lucianus Rex…
Constantine: … The senate will step in and override the challenge just to keep things stable.
Hero: So we need to convince the senate not to interfere.
Constantine: Great idea!
Constantine: We don't even need the whole senate… just a few key senators.
Constantine: I'll start talking to the lower ranks and rousing support for a challenge.
Constantine: You convince a few key senators to stay silent when I issue my challenge…
Constantine: … Yes, this will work!
Hero: Who should I start with?
Constantine: Me mentor, senator Sevro.
Constantine: He has been the most vocal Lycan when it comes to ending the war with the Vampires.

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