Constantine's Story


Constantine: I have so many questions.
Constantine: My sister still lives?
Hero: She does.
Hero: I wasn't able to stop Drachus from performing his rite and making her a Vampire…
Hero: … But it's not like the spirit of the Vampire Queen took over her body.
Hero: Your sister's spirit was blended with the memories and feelings and power of the first Vampire Queen.
Hero: She's both now.
Constantine: Both?
Constantine: I don't see how she can still be my sister… But I have to hope that you're right.
Constantine: You said she has a plan for peace?
Hero: Yes. She wants me to help you become the new Were-king.
Hero: She believes that the love you have for each other as brother and sister may unite the factions in Darkovia and end the war.
Constantine: Safiria was always such a dreamer… It does sound like a plan of hers.
Constantine: It's ambitious. But there might be something to it.
Constantine: I haven't been a lycan for long but I've heard some senators grumbling about the way Lucianius Rex runs things.
Hero: How did you become a werewolf.
Constantine: When I thought that my sister had been taken by the Vampires, all I could think of was saving her.
Constantine: I knew that I would survive an attack on the Vampire castle myself…
Constantine: … so I went to the Vampires' ancient enemies, the Lycans.
Constantine: Like you, I had to prove my strength.
Constantine: I fought in the pits. barely surviving every round… But I had skills the others didn't.
Constantine: I organized the slaves, and together we went further than we could alone.
Constantine: Senator Sevro became interested in me then. He agreed to turn me into a Lycan.
Constantine: I became my new life as a Werewolf. Bram died and Constantine was born.
Constantine: He became my mentor and with his help I quickly made a name for myself.
Constantine: It's strange but I found a real home here among the werewolves… my people.
Constantine: Now there are a large number of Lycans who look to me for leadership, so my sister's plan may work.
Hero: So where do we start ?
Constantine: There is a cave called the chambers of memory.
Constantine: It's dangerous, but, it's where the first lycans of Darkovia scratched out the ancient laws of our people.
Constantine: Go to the chambers of memory and take a charcoal rubbing of the laws…
Constantine: … Hopefully you'll find what we need.
Hero: On my way!

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