Correct Staff Chosen


Reed (Greenguard Mystic): <Hero>, all of these look like they could be a magic staff.
Reed (Greenguard Mystic): How do I know which one to pick?
Hero: This is something that only the Greenguard Mystic can know.
Hero: Ignore the doubts. Listen to your gut.
Hero: You'll pick the right one.
«Scene: Reed approaches the rack of staves and proceeds to thrown all magic staves from the rack. He then pick the staff that all other staves were leaning as a part of the rack, leading to an aura of nature magic to spin around him and lift him up slightly.»
Reed (Greenguard Mystic): This is the one.
Reed (Greenguard Mystic): I could hear it calling to me.
Hero: Good job, Red! Let's get back to…
Omen (Void Knight): This is as far as you go, child.
Omen (Void Knight): I can't let you progress any further.
Guardian Beckett (Outpost Commander): <Hero>! Get Reed away from here!
Hero: I can help you, Beckett!
Guardian Beckett (Outpost Commander): Listen to me… The mission is the only thing that matters.
Guardian Beckett (Outpost Commander): Keep Reed safe!
Guardian Beckett (Outpost Commander): I will buy you enough time to get him back to the Voice of the Forest!
Omen (Void Knight): You would thrown your life away for this boy?
Guardian Beckett (Outpost Commander): I am a Guardian, Omen.
Guardian Beckett (Outpost Commander): I swore to protect Lore and its people from things like you.
Omen (Void Knight): Even if you could stop me, you will never stop Vane.
Omen (Void Knight): Last change… stand aside or die.
Guardian Beckett (Outpost Commander): Guardians do not stand aside.
Omen (Void Knight): As you wish.
«Scene: Beckett and Omen fight, trading hits with their weapons. Hero and Reed meanwhile are leaving as Beckett buys them time to escape. Beckett gets kicked back by Omen.»
«Scene: Omen notices this and gets ready to throw his axe at them, but Beckett jumps in the way, leading to his chest get pierced by the axe.»
«Scene: With his last ounce of strength, Beckett summons a guardian dragon, attacking Omen with dragonfire and causing him to fly up in the air and then fall from high up to the ground. Hero takes a look at the scene before leaving. Beckett drew his last breath and Omen gets on a knee after falling down and hits the ground with his fist in anger.»

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