Cosmic Companion


Price: 1,500 Dragon Crystals
Level: 1
Description: Latent energies that followed Loremaster Hazel back to Battleon, it has now been linked to you and can help you unearth the mysterious of The Cosmic Raiment.

Interact with this pet to quickly access all of the research you have unlocked for The Cosmic Raiment.
Note: You may only have one of this item.

Friend in the Stars
*looks at you silently*

As you gaze at the creature, you can sense your mind traveling back to the Loremaster's Lodge.

- Unearthing the Raiment
- Pattern Research

Get More Cosmic Threads
Here you can find research tasks from Loremaster Hazel to gather more Threads.
- A Magical Skein
- Tangled Skein V
- Tangled Skein IV
- Tangled Skein III
- Tangled Skein II
- Tangled Skein
- Gathering the Threads - Boots
- Gathering the Threads - Cloak
- Gathering the Threads - Gloves
- Gathering the Threads - Pauldrons
- Gathering the Threads - Wrap
- Gathering the Threads - Garment

- Cosmic Raiment Set
- Return to Loremaster Hazel

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