Countess Unmasked


Hero: Ok. that should be everything. Lady Rieno'ö, have I earned your mask?
Countess Rieno'o: You want me to take off my mask already!?
Countess Rieno'o: But this is only our first date!
Hero: We are on a date?
Countess Rieno'o: Be honest with me… are you seeing other monsters right now?
Hero: I would like to officially state this is purely a platonic adventure.
Countess Rieno'o: But I'm looking for someone to spend all of eternity with!
Duchess De'wallise: Pffft… your longest relationship has been 7 days Countess Rieno'ö.
Duchess De'wallise: Just give <him/her> your mask.
Countess Rieno'o: Very well.
«Scene: Countess Rieno'o reveals herself as a ghost.»
Hero: You're a ghost!
Countess Rieno'o (Ghost): OoooooOooooohhhh yes.
Countess Rieno'o (Ex-Ghost Friend): …and letting me slip through your fingers will haunt you the rest of your life.
Duchess De'wallise: Which is probably not going to be that long anyway.
Hero: What?
Duchess De'wallise: Would you like to see what is under my mask as well, <Hero>?
Hero: Am I the only one feeling uncomfortable right now?
Duchess De'wallise: Haha, you are going to be fun!

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