"Crabby" Paddy


Siege Reward Crafter
*grumbles* For frinx sake! Either go battle, or don't Yar! I've got stuff to craft but ya gotta Pirate Siege to get it.

Get ready for TLAP 2020
Ye be wanting pirate gear? grumbles… the new Talk Like a a Pirate Day (TLAPD) collection be dropping soon. For now, ye can pick up returning pieces from the previous collections.

- 2019 Pirate Collection
- 2018 Pirate Collection
- 2017 Pirate Collection
- Go to Pirate Siege!

How Do I Siege?
Sweet cheese! Yer a talkative one. *grumbles under breath*. Join a ship *grumbles* Fight off pirate, then use Siege Tokens to help attack their ship *Grrr* Want more info - talk to Foxy in the lobby. She's the chatty one.
- Find Foxy


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