What is Crafting?

Crafting is a game feature in AQ3D which allows you to craft an item by obtaining the required materials for it.
When you craft an item, you are provided with the following options-

Craft the item with the items required

When you do this, your Crafting Items will be consumed in the process, and you will need to wait a certain time before the item is claimable.

Purchase the item with Dragon Crystals

If you purchase an item with Dragon Crystals, you will receive the item instantly without any of your items being consumed. As of Open Beta, not all crafting items can be purchased with Dragon Crystals, and some Dragon Crystal shortcuts were removed.

Speed up the crafting process

If you have all the materials required, you can begin the crafting process, and then speed up the crafting process so you can obtain the item instantly. Speeding up the process requires Dragon Crystals, but the original Dragon Crystal price of the item has been reduced by a half. Examples are crafting are shown below-

You can always check what you are currently crafting by clicking on the Crafting button in the Main Menu. When the process of crafting is finished, you can always claim your item from the shop or Main Menu.

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