Crag in a Cart


Price: 0 Gold
Level: 1
Description: Haul your best friend Crag around in his sturdy cart. It can open your Collection shop & quests from the Wastelands.

(You must have completed Nulgath Part 2 to open and see the quests!)

Obtained: 2022
Note: You may only have one of this item.

Hello Friend! Crag can help. What you want to get? Your items or quest for yummy rocks?

Wasteland Quest on the go!
Crag can help friend. Crag can give you access to all the quest in the wasteland. Now you can find shiny rocks on the go. Yummy!

Crag's Quest
Here you will find all of Crag's Wasteland quests!
- Diamond of Nulgath: Crag's Thirst
- Diamond of Nulgath: Unidentified Essence
- Diamond of Nulgath: Archfiend Essence
- Bag of Dirt: Necromancy Deal
- Bag of Dirt: Archfiend Deal
- Tainted gems: Essence of Nulgath

Bamboozle quests
Here you will find Bamboozle's quests!

- Contract of Nulgath: Diamond exchange
- Diamond of Nulgath: Contract Exchange legacysmall.png
- Contract of Nulgath: Catacombs Crawling
- Contract of Nulgath: Voucher Purchase
- Contract of Nulgath: The Lucky Deal
- Voucher of Nulgath: Voucher Exchange
- Dark Crystal Shards: Fiend Hunting
- Essence of Nulgath: Catacombs Crawler
- Essence of Nulgath: Defeated Makais
- **Essence of Nulgath: FiendZards*

Gaz's Quests and Wares
Here you will find Gaz's special Quests and Deals!

Gaz's Quests
- Contract of Nulgath: Voucher Exchange
- Contract of Nulgath: Voucher Exchange (Guardian)

- Gaz's Abyssal shop

- Your Nulgath Collection II

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