Creature 83 Travel Form

Location: Darkon's Birthday Shop - Battleon Town Square
Price: 1,900 Dragon Crystals
Level: 1
Travel Speed: 160%
Cast Time: 1,5s
Cooldown: 5s
Description: The beauty of this travel form is that when you're done having fun, you can go back to your normal self. The same can't be said about Darkon's other items, however.

  • This item is themed from the Darkon's Debris 180 Head from AQWorlds.
  • You may only have one of this item.
  • This transformation has unlimited uses.
  • Allows players to do the Creature 83 Travel Form Transformation.
  • When you attack a monster, the Creature 83 Travel Form Transformation will be cancelled and your character will return to normal.
  • Male and Female look the same.
  • Also see Creature 83.

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