Crocos Pyramid

Dungeon Level 1+
Difficulty: Normal
Recommended Players: 3
Crocos Pyramid




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Lobby: Valley of the Undying King (Location)
Access Points:

Party Size: 3


  • All water inside the dungeon can apply Slow debuff, decreasing your movement speed. When the water is deep enough, you can drown if you lose your Oxygen buff.
  • The objective is to activate all 4 eye switches by clicking/tapping on them to open the door reach the boss room to defeat the boss.
    • Eye #1: can be reached picking one of the three paths inside the room.
      • Using the wrong path makes a part of it disappear, making you fall down to a water pool, climb up by using the stairs before you lose your Oxygen buff.
      • There are 2 spots on the bottom of the water pool with air bubbles coming out of them, you can use them to renew your Oxygen buff.
    • Eye #2: can be reached by solving a puzzle that lowers the water level of a water pool where the eye resides.
      • The goal is to have all 3 water showers active at the same time by using the switches in front of them.
    • Eye #3: trying to active the eye locks you inside the room and you must prove your might by defeating 3 Savage Crocs and 4 Scorpion Fish in order to activate the eye and unlock the room.
    • Eye #4: can be reached by activating a switch that brings up a path by rising the water level that leads to a platform where the eye is located.
      • The path stays up for a brief period of time and then deactivates.
  • Crocos (1) appears when you get close enough to the statue inside the boss room.
    • After the boss room becomes locked, you can enter it again by using a portal near the entrance.

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