Crocos Pyramid Guard

You've come to the pyramid of Crocos, the Keeper of Water.

I wouldn't touch water here if I were you — it's cursed!

- Crocos' Treasure

Crocos Challenge Quests
Heading back into Pyramid of Crocos? You're braver than I thought…
- Trouble in Crocos' Pyramid
- Let Sleeping Mummies Lie

Something about the pyramid's water…
Be careful when you're in the pyramid. Crocos put a spell on the water that slows down any outsiders who go in it. The only way to avoid the spell is to use a special water-based staff, or so the legends states… But the legend also says the staff was lost in the sands long ago. So, guess that's not much help.

Location: Valley of the Undying King (Location)

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