Crown Of The Dead (Cutscene)


Note: Also see Crown of the Dead.

«Scene: The Hero returns and hands Stygis the materials»

Hero: Here is everything you asked for.
Hero: Now, will you tell me how Xargoul controlled the Bone Titan?

Stygis (Necromancer Ferryman): With the CROWN OF THE DEAD!

«A sketch of the crown appears»

Stygis (Necromancer Ferryman): Xargoul forged a crown for himself, set with several large Spirit Crystals.
Stygis (Necromancer Ferryman): He stored massive amounts of souls in that crown giving him a near-endless well of power!
Stygis (Necromancer Ferryman): After Xargoul finally fell, the crown was destroyed…

«Scene returns to Stygis talking with the Hero»

Stygis (Necromancer Ferryman): … But there are rumors that one of his minions escaped with the crown.
Stygis (Necromancer Ferryman): They say it's still here in Doomwood, awaiting Xargoul's resurrection.

Hero: Do you believe the rumors?

Stygis (Necromancer Ferryman): Indeed, I do!
Stygis (Necromancer Ferryman): I think that is why the curse on the land is still so powerful!
Stygis (Necromancer Ferryman): I think it's why his minions still wander Doomwood forest so long after Xargoul's defeat.
Stygis (Necromancer Ferryman): Xargoul's Crown of the Dead is still out there, pulsing with necrotic power and drinking this land dry.

Hero: Where do you think it's hidden?

Stygis (Necromancer Ferryman): They say Xargoul spent days in the CAVES OF UNREST.
Stygis (Necromancer Ferryman): But I don't know if that is where the Crown is and I don't want to.

«The Hero shrugs, confused»

Hero: You don't?

Stygis (Necromancer Ferryman): Child, a power that great should stay lost.
Stygis (Necromancer Ferryman): At the end, Xargoul had become so mad with power even the other Necromancers turned on him.
Stygis (Necromancer Ferryman): That much power controls you… Not the other way around.
Stygis (Necromancer Ferryman): The dark magic to control the dead is a sacred and dangerous art. It can be intoxicating.
Stygis (Necromancer Ferryman): You must master both forbidden power and your own temptation to become a Necromancer.

Hero: Thanks, Stygis. I'll remember that.

«Stygis nods»

Stygis (Necromancer Ferryman): See that you do, <hero>.

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