Cry for Help


Skeleton: AAAARRRREW!!!!!
Sally: HELP! HELP!
Sally: The skeletons… they've overrun the Keep!
Grampy: Don't worry! I know I'LL make it out alive.
Sally: You? But how….?
Grampy: Because I run faster than you…
Sally: You're a $#%&@ Grampy!
Grampy: Keep talking like that, and I'll throw you to the horde like we did your sister.
Sally: We need a miracle!
Hero ("The Miracle"): Need a hand?
Sally: Who are you!?
Hero: Name's <hero>. Stay behind me…
Sally: What are you going to do?
Skeleton: Rawr!!!!
Hero: I'm going to make these skeletons wish they'd never died!

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