Cry For Help (Old)


Note: Also see Cry For Help.

Cool Narrator Voice: Meanwhile… while you were off playing some other video game.
Skeletons: ARRRREW!!!!!
Sally: Help! Help!
Sally: Skeletons attacked the Keep!
Grampy: Eh.. back in my day the undead were 2D.
Sally: Stop reminiscing GRAMPY! They're gonna kill us!
Grampy: Just keep hold out a bit longer lass… <Hero> just logged in!
Sally: <Hero>!? YESSS!!!! We're saved! What level are they?
Grampy: Uh.. really low level..
Grampy: And they're stuck in the tutorial…
Sally: We're so $%#-ED!
Grampy: Watch that mouth of yours…
Sally: But why? This game got a "T for TEEN" rating!
Grampy: That's no excuse! Want me to get the soap back out?
Skeleton: Rawr!!!!
Grampy: Holy @#%$!!!
Sally: Hurry <Hero>! We're all counting on you…
Hero: These skeletons are gonna wish they never died!

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