Crypt of the War Staff

Dungeon Level 12
The War Staff of Lord Nightlocke can be found deep within this crypt. The Nightlocke Cultists promise great power to anyone powerful enough to retrieve it.


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Lobby: Bone Cliffs
Party Size: 3
Dungeon Key Cost: N/A


  • When you start a dungeon, you may start off in or with a different part than the ones listed in order. The only exception is Part Four, which is the boss room.
  • Monsters in Part Two and Three will respawn.
  • In Part Three, to open the portal, you need to collect 2 cups of water and refill the object in Overview 5 then defeat Bone Spider to enter the next area.
  • Doomwood Chests will appear randomly throughout parts.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

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