Cunning Linguist


Hero: Here are all the potions I could find but I don't think…
Warlord Gamush (Trolluk Leader): ***GLUG, GLUG GLUG***
Hero: OK. How do you feel?
Warlord Gamush (Trolluk Leader): Oh, dear me.
Warlord Gamush (Trolluk Leader): I believe that quaffing those mystical concoctions all at once might have had unexpected consequences.
Warlord Gamush (Trolluk Leader): While this turn of events is certainly intriguing, it remains a far cry from our intended purpose.
Hero: …Right.
Warlord Gamush (Trolluk Leader): Before we continue, we must remedy this state in which I find myself.
Warlord Gamush (Trolluk Leader): I believe fresh Pebblar Meat will dilute the effects of the potions. Gather some for me, would you?

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