Daitengu's Bamboo Forest - Challenge

Dungeon Level 27
In this part of the Yokai Forest, the yokai known as Raytengu has made his home. The Raytengu is known for enjoying playing games with his prey and travelers and heroes alike often enter his woods never to leave.

Party size: 5 players


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Lobby: Yokai Forest
Access Points:

Party Size: 5


  • There are barrel dart traps hidden around the forest that trigger if you get too close. They can be identified by the green leaves.
  • There is a bamboo gate dart trap that is under the stone arch above the river. When activated, 2 bamboo gates come up to trap those who weren't fast enough to get out of the way.
  • When brought down to 50% health, both Raytengu (Monster) and Super Tengu (Level 29) will summon their respective shadows, and disappear.
  • After all shadows of each phase have been defeated, only then will the boss reappear.
  • When Raytengu (Monster) and Super Tengu (Level 29) spawn shadows of themselves, the amount of shadows spawned varies and it can be as low as 3 and as high as 5.
    • The number of spawns is determined when an instance is created and stays the same during a phase of a boss fight and doesn't change between waves when shadows spawn. For example: Phase 2 wave 2 spawns 5 shadows and the next wave will also spawn the same amount, but Phase 3 might have a different amount of shadow spawns during the waves when they spawn.
    • When Raytengu (Monster) spawns shadows for the first time, there will be always 3 of them and the amount of shadows spawned afterwards follow the rule above.

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