Danicka's Marching Orders


Hero: Time Magic is amazing. Plus it tastes like cookies. Placing that display tasted like -
Danicka Rose (Museum Curator): Snickerdoodles!
Hero: Exactly! What's next?
Danicka Rose (Museum Curator): Let's Team Up for this. I'll stay and curate every display you bring in.
Danicka Rose (Museum Curator): I'll work with the people and help opening up new wings -
Hero: With a little Time Magic!
Danicka Rose (Museum Curator): Indeed! You go out and collect those Moments from all around Lore!
Hero: There is so much to collect!!!
Danicka Rose (Museum Curator): Together we will make this museum the best in Battleon.
Hero: Maybe even all of LORE!
Danicka Rose (Museum Curator): I really appreciate all you've done to help, <Hero>.
Hero: With the Sisters of Time on our side, this is going to be a blast!

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