Dark Lord

Leader of the Dark Dynasty
** khoooo paaah, khoooo paaah *** May the 4th be with you! Take your Star Swords and join my by my side. Together, you and I will bring order to Lore.

- May the 4th Collection 2020 (Shop)
- May the 4th (Shop)
- Revenge of the 5th
- May the 4th Collection 2019 (Shop)

Commander Mogrevious?
The Commander has been spotted in numerous locations. He has betrayed me for the last time. I have heard reports of him being seen in Heartwood, Island of the Dead, Westmere, Ashfall, Darkovia and other areas; he could be anywhere. BRING HIM TO ME!
- Black Helm Crafting

Location: Battleon Town Square

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