Darkon's Debris


Hero: Hey, you must be Darkon! I heard it's your birthday!
Darkon (Artifact Collector): That it is.
Darkon (Artifact Collector): Thank you. You must be <hero>.
Darkon (Artifact Collector): I've heard tales of your adventures in Yulgar's Inn.
Darkon (Artifact Collector): You know, I was an adventurer like you once…
Hero: … until you took an arrow to the knee?
Darkon (Artifact Collector): Hahah! No, nothing like that.
Darkon (Artifact Collector): I just fell more and more into my true passion… collecting RARE ARTIFACTS.
Darkon (Artifact Collector): Unfortunately, I simply don't have room for all the items I've found over the years.
Darkon (Artifact Collector): Clearing out the junk has become a kind of birthday tradition for me.
Darkon (Artifact Collector): Everything you see is for sale and I really must get rid of it.
Hero: This stuff is pretty expensive for junk.
Darkon (Artifact Collector): My collection is… unique.
Darkon (Artifact Collector): Even the dregs of my acquisitions are worth more than some others' entire collections.
Darkon (Artifact Collector): If you took something off my hands, it would really help me out.
Hero: I'll take a look around.
Hero: Maybe I can find something to add to my own collection.
Darkon (Artifact Collector): Perfect. You won't be disappointed.

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