Darlic Down?


Hero: And he's down! Score one for us!
Warlic: Yay! You did it!
Warlic: That was a close call, my friend. Had he managed to escape this crystal, the very existence of our world would have been at stake.
Warlic: Hey, man, this is what we do. There was never any doubt that we… Uh… That we would…
«//<Hero> is looking off into the distance here.»
Hero: …Hold on, something's happening.
Warlic: It's Darlic! He's… he's…
Hero: He's resurrecting himself!
Darlic: Ha, ha, ha! Did you think I would be so easily defeated!
Darlic: That I wouldn't have a contingency plan? I am just as powerful as your own Warlic… And I have just as many allies.
Warlic: Oh no! You didn't do it!
Hero: How? How is this possible?
Darlic: Isn't it obvious? I am not the only person our worlds have in common.
Warlic: Sora to Hoshi! Some dark, transdimensional version of her must have created a time loop.
Hero: Hmm… Dar….shi? Dartohoshi?
Warlic: Please, just stop.
Darlic: This time loop will keep me here forever. I cannot be defeated!
Hero: Yeah, but like. If you leave the time loop, you'll die, right?
Warlic: Yes, I believe that's how these things work.
Hero: So, it doesn't matter, then. Either he's not a problem because he's stick here…
Warlic: …Or he's not a problem because he's broken free from the time loop and defeated himself.
Hero: Score!
Warlic: Okay, let's go home.
Warlic: There's no reason to remain here any longer. Unless you wanted to farm him for his drops, or something.
Hero: Wait, what?
Warlic: Nothing. Nevermind.

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