Darlic's Escape Plan


Warlic: Finally! He's sent some help!
Hero: Warlic! You're the one who created this pocket dimension?
Warlic: Yes, and it's taking all my strength to keep it contained.
Warlic: It's going to be up to you to stop my dark counterpart.
Hero: Darlic.
Warlic: What?
Warlic: Darlic! It's what I'm calling him. Get it? Dark… Warlic… Darrrr….lic.
«Scene: <Hero> laughs.»
Warlic: Oh. No, I don't like that. It sounds like you're saying garlic.
Warlic: Anyway, as I was saying. Dark Warlic's cursed elemental magic—
Hero: Darlic.
Warlic: *Sigh*
Warlic: Fine. "Darlic's" cursed elemental magic is attacking the environment. If it does enough damage, this pocket dimension will be destroyed.
Hero: That sounds bad.
Warlic: Well, if that happens, then "Darlic" will escape into our reality and destroy all of Lore. So yes, you could say that it's bad.
Hero: Right. I'll get to work then.
Warlic: I knew I could count on you.

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