Daylight Robbery


Hootenheim (Bank Branch Manager): Hoo Hoo! A most warm welcome to the Bank of Battleon.
Hootenheim: We offer bank vaults to store your rare and valuable items.
Hootenheim: And for security? Hoo hoo! It is beneath me to brag but….
Hootenheim: Our security is simply top notch!
Pumpken (Bank Robber): EVERYBODY BE COOL …
Pumpken (Bank Robber): THIS IS A ROBBERY!
Hootenheim: Oh my!
Honey Moglin (Bank Robber): Any of you drickens move, and I'll execute every last clucking one of ya!
Hootenheim: Guards! Guards!
Pumpken (Bank Robber): Unless you want us to turn this place into a BLOOD BANK…
Pumpkin (Bank Robber): The next thing outta yer' beak better be the MASTER VAULT COMBINATION!
Hero: You bandits picked the wrong bank on the wrong day…

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