Deadliest Archer


Hero: I finished putting up all the posters.
Hero: So, uh… think you can help me find the lamp now?
General Gaspar: Ha!
General Gaspar: No.
Hero: Dang.
Hero: Well, mind telling me about the guy on the wanted posters?
General Gaspar: That guy is Zhoom, the leader of the rowdy rebels you fought earlier…
General Gaspar: …and the deadliest archer I've ever come across.
General Gaspar: He once picked off my entire platoon without ever coming out of hiding.
General Gaspar: I reckon I only survived because he ran out of arrows.
Hero: What do Zhoom and the rebels want with Bastion?
General Gaspar: Honestly, I haven't a clue.
General Gaspar: But orders from Lord Sekt say to attack on sight and keep them out of town.
Hero: That sounds a little odd to me.
General Gaspar: Oh, I feel the same.
General Gaspar: I even tried to convince Lord Sekt to let me work out a truce with them.
General Gaspar: But that idea was shot down quicker than one of Zhoom's targets.
General Gaspar: For now, I'm just tryin' to do my job of keeping the people in this town safe and comfortable.
General Gaspar: And thanks to that rebel attack today, that job got a whole lot harder.
Hero: Well, luckily for you, I'm here.
General Gaspar: Yeah, funny how that sort of thing works out, huh?
General Gaspar: But since you're offering, you may want to see what our resident smarty-pants Nigel Fuzzybum is fussin' about.
General Gaspar: He keeps tabs on the history of this town and the desert surrounding it.
General Gaspar: And who knows, you might be able to learn something worthwhile from him.

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