Death Rogue


Pratchett (Death Knight?): Halt! I am The Champion of Noxus The Lich… None are permitted to pass to the 13th Floor.
Hero: Are you the Death Knight?
Pratchett (Death Rogue): I am a DEATH ROGUE!
Pratchett (Death Rogue): I dual wield death.
Pratchett (Death Rogue): I have passed all of the tests
Pratchett (Death Rogue): I have summoned my Dragon… and my Doom Daggers can summon every other monster
Pratchett (Death Rogue): But as you can see… I failed in my fight against The Lich.
Pratchett (Death Rogue): The Lich made me an offer… and I took it.
Pratchett (Death Rogue): Now, I will PROTECT my Master and allow Noxus to complete his goal….
Hero: What's the Lich's goal?
Pratchett (Death Rogue): To use the Necronomicon to open a permanent portal to the Plane of Darkness…
Hero: That doesn't sound too bad.
Pratchett (Death Rogue): …And allow his shadow brethren to possess the bodies of every living creature in the world.
Hero: He wants to posseses every person in the world!?
Pratchett (Death Rogue): Every person? No.
Pratchett (Death Rogue): EVERY living thing…
Pratchett (Death Rogue): The Shadow creatures will need your pets too…
Hero: Step aside! I am going to bring this Lich down.
Pratchett (Death Rogue): The deal I made was for immortal un-life. Face the full wrath of my Zombie Dragon!

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