Delivering the Egg


Aldric (Guardian Highlord): You did it!
Aldric (Guardian Highlord): A few of the Guardians caught a glimpse of what you were fighting in there.
Aldric (Guardian Highlord): I don't know how you defeated it but… good job.
Hero: Thanks! Now what do we do with this egg?
Aldric (Guardian Highlord): You have already done so much but I have to ask you for one more thing.
Aldric (Guardian Highlord): It needs to be taken to the Guardian Tower in the Town of Battleon.
Aldric (Guardian Highlord): Look for a Guardian near the gate to the tower named Alister.
Hero: I'll make sure it gets there, Aldric.
Aldric (Guardian Highlord): I know I can trust you to ensure the safety of this egg.
Aldric (Guardian Highlord): Hurry… there's no time to waste.
Aldric (Guardian Highlord): You may never know what you've done for the world of Lore today, <Hero>. Thank you.

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