Delivering The Meat


Junior Delbeau (Lolosia Butcher): That's a mighty haul ya brung me, swab!
Hero: You think it'll be enough?
Junior Delbeau (Lolosia Butcher): More than enough to keep me afloat. My thanks!
Hero: Glad to help.
Gunpowder Mary (Governor of Lolosia): Seems like yer really takin' care of my town, <hero>.
Junior Delbeau (Lolosia Butcher): <Hero> saved my bacon… literally.
Hero: Have you found a anyone willing to help me?
Gunpowder Mary (Governor of Lolosia): I may have but ya need to go talk to him for yerself.
Gunpowder Mary (Governor of Lolosia): His name is RHUBARB, Captain of the Red Betty
Junior Delbeau (Lolosia Butcher): The Red Betty?
Junior Delbeau (Lolosia Butcher): These scallywags causing trouble around town are off of that ship!
Hero: I'll go talk to him on his ship. Thanks, Mary.

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