Discovered Four New Hairstyles


Bev (Barbaroness): Absolutely Fantastic! You've only been here a short while and already discovered 4 new hair styles!
Patch O'Hare (Battleon Barber): BEV! I can barely work with all the racket coming from the basement!
Bev (Barbaroness): Basement? We don't have a basement.
Patch O'Hare (Battleon Barber): Then why the heck do I keep hearing voices moaning "BRAAAAINS!" from under the floorboards?
Hero: Hmmm. Actually, I did notice a hatch by Snip's stall.
Bev (Barbaroness): Hmmm, think you can find the key to the hatch and take care of this problem?
Patch O'Hare (Battleon Barber): 10 Gold says this is going to explain why Snips never has any return customers.

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