Discovered So Many Hairstyles


Bev (Barbaroness): <Hero>, you have discovered so many hairstyles that…
Snips (Battleon Barber): BEV! Do you realize what <Hero> has done?!
Snips (Battleon Barber): That magazine gave me an idea… for a forbidden hairstyle!
Snips (Battleon Barber): I've concocted the ULTIMATE forbidden hairstyle!
Bev (Barbaroness): Snips, do you even have a license to practice forbidden barbermancy?
Snips (Battleon Barber): License? What are they gonna do, call the fashion police on me?
Snips (Battleon Barber): This is art! This is my DREAM!
Snips (Battleon Barber): I require an extraordinary amount of hair, <Hero>…
Snips (Battleon Barber): 9001 strands of hair to make a hair style this glorious!
Bev (Barbaroness): HOW MUCH HAIR!?!? That's over 9000 strands!
Hero: I saw a giant mass of hair in the storage closet, what if I got if from there?
Snips (Battleon Barber): Yes…. yes! Hurry.

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