Discovered Three New Hairstyles


Bev (Barbaroness): Fantastic! You've discovered three new hairstyles looking at those magazines!
Kitty Kawaii (Battleon Barber): WOWZA, <Hero>! You've discovered three new hairstyles already!?
Hero: Yup!
Kitty Kawaii (Battleon Barber): I have an idea for another hair style… I just need some hair gel!
Bev (Barbaroness): Oh! Why not just get some from the closet.
Kitty Kawaii (Battleon Barber): Uh…. the closet… yeah…. I will um… just…
Kitty Kawaii (Battleon Barber): *Whispers* <Hero>, I may have knocked over bottle of hair gel while Snip's was chanting some forbidden Barbermancy spell.
Kitty Kawaii (Battleon Barber): *Whispering lower* Can you…. Help me? Please?
Hero: No problem, Kitty.

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