«Scene: Omen does a cleave attack with his axe, knocking out 2 guardians. After that Beckett summons a guardian dragon to attack him.»
«Scene: Omen blocks dragon's fire and then Hero leaps over Beckett to attack him, but he gets out of the way of the attack. Omen pauses for a moment to see he is being surrounded.»
Guardian Liv (Sworn Guardian): Drive him back!
Omen (Void Knight): I wondered how the void power that Vane gave me would stack up against yours.
Omen (Void Knight): You guardians are stronger than I was told…
Omen (Void Knight): … but you'll always be ten steps behind my lord.
Hero: What do you mean Omen ?
Omen (Void Knight): I've been keeping you here while my soldiers were capturing the boy.
Guardian Liv (Sworn Guardian): Reed!? What do you want with him ?
Omen (Void Knight): I have been commanded to stop your quest, guardian.
Omen (Void Knight): That child will Never be confirmed as the next Greenguard mystic.
Omen (Void Knight): The cycle of mystics will end and the forest will consume this part of Lore!
Hero: Why ?! Why would Vane want that ?
Omen (Void Knight): It's not your place to question the voidking, <hero>. Or mine.
Omen (Void Knight): So long, guardians.
«Scene: Omen leaves by jumping high up.»
Guardian Liv (Sworn Guardian): <hero>! Omen didn't know that you found Reed's trail!
Guardian Liv (Sworn Guardian): You can find where they've taken him!
Hero: Don't worry, I'll find him.

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