Doom Crafting

Location: Viscerra Vex - Island of the Dead

Name Level Price Craft Time
Misc.png Spirit Crystal raresmall.png 1 Empty Spirit Crystal x1, Empowered Spirit Orb x1, 500 Gold 1 Hour
Weapon.png NecroStaff of Doom uncommonsmall.png 10 Spirit Crystal x1, 500 Gold 15 Minutes
Weapon.png Awoken NecroStaff of Doom raresmall.png 11 Spirit Crystal x10, NecroStaff of Doom x1, 1,000 Gold 15 Minutes
Weapon.png Empowered NecroStaff of Doom epicsmall.png 11 Spirit Crystal x25, Awoken NecroStaff of Doom x1, 2,000 Gold 15 Minutes
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