Doom Weapons


Shadow (???): *Whispers* Most Impressive, <Hero>.
Shadow (???): *Whispers* The Lady of The Crimson Lake deemed you worthy to enter the Tower.
Hero: Wait, I never told you my name. How do you know it?
Shadow (???): *Whispers* Do you know how long I've been waiting for someone to make it this far?
Shadow (???): *Whispers* I'll bet your feeble, living mind can't even comprehend that much time.
Shadow (???): *Whispers* Mazrak came very close but then he… broke.
Shadow (???): *Whispers* The Staff of Necromancy you created will make a most splendid host for me.
Hero: Wait, what?
Shadow (???): *Whispers* Now you're listening
Shadow (???): *Whispers* We denizens of the Plane of Darkness cannot exist here.
Shadow (???): *Whispers* Your atrocious light can kill us instantly!
Shadow (???): *Whispers* But we can avoid this binding ourselves to powerful artifacts.
Shadow (???): *Whispers* Like your freshly-created Staff of Necromancy…
Shadow (???): *Whispers* Of course, when I do this, I will become too powerful for the likes of you to wield.
Shadow (???): *Whispers* Perhaps that is why the Paladins call us Doom Weapons.
Shadow (???): *Whispers* But fear not… I will simply slay you and reanimate your corpse to carry me.
Shadow (???): *Whispers* It is the way of the Doom Weapons.
< ** Your NecroStaff of Doom is now sentient, self-aware, and trying to kill you ** >

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