DoomKnight Artix


Hero: Artix! You're a DoomKnight!? What the actual heck!?
8-Bit Artix (Blocky Paladin): …Do I know you?
Hero: The other Artix does. The one from my world.
8-Bit Artix (Blocky Paladin): From YOUR world…?
Hero: Yeah! He's just like you, but… you know, three-dimensional.
Hero: Except, unlike you he did not give into the temptation of darkness…
Hero: He's a friend. We've battled the forces of evil together.
Hero: We've fought to save the world.
Hero: And he would NEVER hurt his friends like this!
8-Bit Artix (Blocky Paladin):
8-Bit Artix (Blocky Paladin): Did you ever play Dungeons & DoomKnights?
8-Bit Artix (Blocky Paladin): I have accepted my fate as the Champion of Darkness.
8-Bit Artix (Blocky Paladin): It is my birthright to conquer not only this world, but ALL worlds.
8-Bit Artix (Blocky Paladin): And if YOUR Artix has chosen to relinquish that power…
8-Bit Artix (Blocky Paladin): …Perhaps I will conquer YOUR world next.
Hero: What? No!
Hero: That is NOT the message you were supposed to take from my inspiring hero speech!
8-Bit Artix (Blocky Paladin): A world of three dimensions… imagine what power that would bring me.
8-Bit Artix (Blocky Paladin): Stay out of my way, "friend", and I'll let you live to witness it.

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