DoomKnight Artix's Defeat?


Hero: It's over, 8-Bit Artix!
Hero: Three dimensions will ALWAYS be stronger than two!
8-Bit Artix (Blocky Paladin): You may have defeated me this round, <Hero>.
8-Bit Artix (Blocky Paladin): But I am not dead yet!
8-Bit Artix (Blocky Paladin): And I will NEVER give up.
8-Bit Artix (Blocky Paladin): I am canonical in your world now.
8-Bit Artix (Blocky Paladin): And we WILL cross weapons again!
Hero: …Canonical in my world now?
Hero: What does that even mean?!
Hero: HEY! You can't just say confusing stuff and then leave!

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