Doctor Trollenstein

Maniacal Mad Scientist
You must be my new test subject? This is gonna be fun. Let's start the slaughter… FOR SCIENCE!

- Meet Dr. Trollenstein and Mort
- Lab Equipment

Doing Science!
BWAHAHAAHAHA! So you want to be Doctor like yours ghoul-y? Pass these experiments… alive and you'll be on your way. Me. I became a doctor at the Nightmare Realm Institute of Mad Science and Pottery.
- Weird Science
- Weird AP Science
- Extra Credit guardiansmall.png
- Schematics Blueprints

Must have Scrap of Dark Parchment in your inventory to see this dialogue.
This is from…her?
I used to work for Hollows Eve. I was her top nightmare maker. Man I used to make some terrifying things! Those days are long gone though. Now I live for the pursuit of the one truth… SCIENCE! I got her good when I left. I shrank all her shoes to one size smaller than they were. She was probably trying them on, like like Whaaa? Heee Heehaaa!

NEW! Mogloween Collection 2019 legacysmall.png

Location: Doctor Trollenstein's Lobby

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