Dragon Afterlife


Hero: So… Moe Shroom is nice.
Alata (Fairy Dragon): Yeah, he's a real fun guy… and he's a skilled craftsshroom too! Did you get everything?
Hero: Yeah. Here it is.
Alata (Fairy Dragon): Great! I'll start the ritual right away.
Alata (Fairy Dragon): OK, that was everything. The ritual is done.
Hero: So how does this work?
Alata (Fairy Dragon): You will need to find Ashen's Hoard. The ritual allows you to ask his permission to borrow the key.
Hero: That's it?
Alata (Fairy Dragon): Well, you might need to fight his remains before he will talk to you.
Alata (Fairy Dragon): Most likely it's still down there watching over his treasure hoard.
Alata (Fairy Dragon): What's the deal with you dragons and your treasure hoarding?
Alata (Fairy Dragon): It's in our nature. But it goes deeper than that…
Alata (Fairy Dragon): Dragons believe that their station in the afterlife is determined by how much treasure they gather in life.
Alata (Fairy Dragon): We believe that anyone who takes our treasure even after we die, is robbing us our rightful place in the afterlife.
Hero: Wow. I just thought dragons were greedy and kind of compulsive.
Alata (Fairy Dragon): Oh, we're that too.
Alata (Fairy Dragon): The belief probably evolved from our innate drive to collect wealth and treasure.
Alata (Fairy Dragon): Now go. This ritual will allow you to speak to Ashen's spirit for a short time.
Hero: Right. I'll be back with the key to enter the caverns beneeath the Caretaker's Watchtower.

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