Dragon Souls Freed


Zakaru (Caretaker): Thank you for your help, <Hero>.
Zakaru (Caretaker): All the dragon souls that Skalazar had imprisoned were freed when his crystal shattered.
Zakaru (Caretaker): Caretaker’s Watchtower is once again mine.
Hero: What about the Defilers?
Alata (Fairy Dragon): They are still skulking around.
Zakaru (Caretaker): They will still want the payment that Skalazar promised them…
Zakaru (Caretaker): … but now I am again free to protect this sacred site and all of the treasures it holds.
Alata (Fairy Dragon): I can’t believe I ever thought you could betray us, Zakaru.
Hero: Yeah, sorry for the confusion.
Zakaru (Caretaker): Don’t be. I’m glad that someone was there to help the souls of the dragons in their time of need.
Zakaru (Caretaker): Be safe in your travels, <Hero>.
Zakaru (Caretaker): You will always be welcomed here.
Zakaru (Caretaker): Souls of the Dragons guide you, my friend.
Hero: Thanks, Caretaker. So long.

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