Dragon Summoning


Hero: Here’s your amulet, Zakaru.
Zakaru (Caretaker): Perfect. I will use this to ask a dragon soul if I may reanimate its body to fly us up the outside of the tower.
Zakaru (Caretaker): We must take care. When Ashen built my tower, he and the other dragons added certain security measures…
Hero: … Like what?
Zakaru (Caretaker): Rings of mystic runes that are meant to stop anyone from doing exactly what we are about to attempt.
Zakaru (Caretaker): I will focus on those as we fly up the levels.
Zakaru (Caretaker): You will need to focus on stopping Blackjackal and his Defilers as they jump on and attack.
Hero: You think they’d really leap from the tower onto the back of a flying dragon corpse?
Hero: They must be pretty motivated.
Zakaru (Caretaker): Skalazar will rip their souls from their bodies if they fail him.
Zakaru (Caretaker): Now, time for some PROPER necromancy.

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