Dragonslayer (PTR)

Location: Player's Main Menu (PTR)
Price: N/A
Description: Dragonslayers belong to an elite order, resolute in their goal to defeat the evil among Dragonkind. Their Determination empowers their abilities, making them a versatile fighter.
Class Resource: Determination (up to 100)

  • Resolute:
    • Deal 10% more damage to Dragons. Your resource Determination is generated by Auto-Attacks and un-Empowered spells, max 100. At 50% Determination, spells are Empowered and use Determination for bonus effects.



Auto Attack
Power: 31
Cooldown: 0.75 Seconds
Type: Physical
Description: Repeatedly attack an enemy, granting Determination.

Note: Also see Dragonslayer.

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