Drak's Quests

Quest Location: Heartwood Forest Dungeon
Quests Begun From: N/A
Note: These quests can only be completed once.

Well met! I am Drak, Hunter of Behemoths. If left unchecked, these creatures would obliterate entire ecosystems with their appetites, so I hunt them to keep the balance. Join me on this hunt and learn the ways of the Behemoth Hunter.

Items Required:

  • Follow And Talk to Drak x1
    • Interact with Drak in Heartwood Forest Dungeon and select "I'm ready!", keep following him and select "Let's continue on." and for the last destination select "What now?"


  • 15 Gold
  • 150 Exp

Quest Location: Heartwood Forest Hunt
Quests Begun From: Drak

Requirements: Must have Cryptodirax Hatchling Found in your inventory to access this quest.

Razorshell hatchings are a very rare sight indeed. Remain vigilant and let me know if you spot one.

Items Required:


  • 1 Gold
  • 4 Exp


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