Dread Fiend Servant


Price: N/A (Reward from the 'Hire! Dread Fiend Servant (Repeatable)' quest)
Level: 1
Description: Strong willed, more savage brethren of the Infernal Fiend. these intimidating folk respect strength within the Nation and strength alone. Despite their bulky appurtenance, they are quite nimble and light of feet.

This particular minion excels in stealing Vouchers of Nulgath and generating Essences of Nulgath.

He offers to steal Vouchers of Nulgath for you & generate Essences of Nulgath in your name.
Note: You may only have one of this item.

Monstrous Nulgath Fiend
Nulgath is my master and I do everything he desires!

Infernal Fiend Servant Quests
Ah… I don't understand how I was appointed to such a scum low-life like you. But Malakai must have his reasons. I offer you my services, regardless of my opinion of you "Minion"
- Servant of Nulgath: Voucher Theft
- Servant of Nulgath: Dread Essence of Nulgath

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