Dread Pirate Roberto's Hand


Scurvy (Moglin Pirate): Aye, have you come to hear o' Scurvy's tales?
Hero: Actually, no. I've come to ask you about this hand.
Scurvy (Moglin Pirate): Yaaaaar! Who just pulls out a severed hand and shows it to people?
Scurvy (Moglin Pirate): Wait… I recognize that tattoo… that's Dread Pirate Roberto's hand!
Hero: Who's Dread Pirate Roberto?
Scurvy (Moglin Pirate): Only one of the most fearsome and debonair pirates to ever sail across the seas of Lore!
Scurvy (Moglin Pirate): Roberto t'was the kind o' pirate that would do you in if ye looked at 'im funny!
Scurvy (Moglin Pirate): But he was also a charmer and caught the eye o' everyone with his grand fashion sense.
Scurvy (Moglin Pirate): See, Dread Pirate Roberto would always spend his spoils on new wardrobes.
Scurvy (Moglin Pirate): And that's ultimately what did him.
Hero: What do you mean?
Scurvy (Moglin Pirate): T'was a time when Roberto returned from sea with this strange-looking treasure chest.
Scurvy (Moglin Pirate): When ashed how he came in possession of the chest, Roberto smirked and said, "You don't want to know."
Scurvy (Moglin Pirate): Some warned Roberto that chest might be cursed, but he paid no to the warning.
Scurvy (Moglin Pirate): No, instead he used all the treasure to purchase a new outfit; his fanciest attire yet.
Hero: Well that was foolish of him.
Scurvy (Moglin Pirate): Aye, but he looked impressive all decked out in blue and gold…
Scurvy (Moglin Pirate): But soon his fortune took a turn for the worst.
Scurvy (Moglin Pirate): One by one, he'd lose a piece of his new outfit… each time more unfortunate than last.
Scurvy (Moglin Pirate): But if ye looking to find them, I could tell ye the tales of Roberto's misfortunes.
Hero: Hmm… Do I want to track down a missing pirate's potentially cursed outfit?
Hero: You bet I do!

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