Duchess Unmasked


Hero: … I think I figured out what you are.
Duchess De'wallise: Oh, is that so…
Duchess De'wallise: Go ahead, take your best shot.
Hero: You are an animal tamer!
Duchess De'wallise: Are you bring serious?
Hero: Just kidding, you're a werewolf.
Duchess De'wallise: Haha! You are fun.
Duchess De'wallise: Let me change into something more… comfortable.
Count Ingland: Oh my, Lady De'wallise, did you forget to shave again?
Duchess De'wallise (Werewolf): Would you like to take that mask off and settle who's dreamier?
Hero: Yes please…?
Count Ingland: In your dreams!
Duchess De'wallise (Werewolf): Besides, it would deprive <Hero> of figuring out what I am for himself.
Duchess De'wallise (Werewolf): You ARE enjoying our little game <Hero>, aren't you?
Count Ingland: Actually I…
Duchess De'wallise (Werewolf): Count Ingland! You know the rules!
Hero: There are rules?
Duchess De'wallise (Werewolf): At formal event, there are always rules!
Duchess De'wallise (Werewolf): It would be wise to stick to them… Count.
Count Ingland: Are you a ly-CAN-thrope or a ly-CAN'T-thrope, my Duchess?
Count Ingland: Hahaha…
Duchess De'wallise (Werewolf): *Snarls* I will rip you to shreds!
Count Ingland: Pffft. Dutchess, you should put your dress back on before you turn and give everyone the full moon.
Count Ingland: Come, <Hero>, it is time for you to play my game…

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