Duke Could Help Open the Maw


Skratch (Just A Cat): One more try, then?
Hero: Yep, looks that way.
Skratch (Just A Cat): Level with me, <Hero>. Is this really somethign you want to do?
Skratch (Just A Cat): I like you, you know. I suspect you're not even really supposed to be here.
Hero: Huh. How could you tell?
Skratch (Just A Cat): You give off a certain heroic energy, I guess.
Skratch (Just A Cat): So I just don't understand… why work so hard to free this obvious bad guy?
Hero: I…
Hero: I have to get out of here, Skratch. And I don't know how else to open the Maw.
Skratch (Just A Cat): Oh, yes. Duke can certainly help you open the Maw.
Skratch (Just A Cat): Tell you what. Take this…
Hero: Eugh, what is it? Looks like a dead rat…
Skratch (Just A Cat): Think of it as a gift, <Hero>. Perhaps it might make a good sacrifice?

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