Duke Is Free And In Trouble


Duke (Bad Dog): Ha! Stupid kitty.
Hero: He's still outside the cage, you know.
Duke (Bad Dog): Yeah, but if I can just grab… this… key…
Duke (Bad Dog): Got it!
Hero: Are you sure you want to do this, Duke?
Duke (Bad Dog): What, get myself out of this tiny, cramped cage? You're joking, right?
Hero: It's just… I feel like there's more to Skratch than he's letting on.
Hero: I mean… this place IS full of fiends, and, well…
Hero: He IS the one who's been guarding you.
Duke (Bad Dog): Hah! You don't know me, <Hero>.
Duke (Bad Dog): I've eaten tougher beasts than Skratch for breakfast.
Duke (Bad Dog): He's nothing but a snack.
Seary (Hottest Poet in the Oversoul): I guess Skratch was right about him, huh?
Hero: It's disappointing, but not surprising.
Duke (Bad Dog): Hey wait, what's he doing? What's going on?
Duke (Bad Dog): He's turning into a… into a…
Duke (offscreen) (Bad Dog): AAAAAAAHhH! HELP! HELP ME!
Hero: …Should we go help him?
Seary (Hottest Poet in the Oversoul): Should we?

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