Duke's Plan Isn't Working


Skratch (Just A Cat): Hello, again.
Hero: Uh… hi.
Skratch (Just A Cat): Let's be straight with each other, shall we?
Skratch (Just A Cat): I know exactly what Duke is doing. It's not going to work.
Hero: Uh… you do?
Skratch (Just A Cat): He thinks he's in control of this situation.
Skratch (Just A Cat): He thinks he's the one will all the power.
Hero: And you're saying he's not.
Skratch (Just A Cat): Which of us is in that cage, <Hero>?
Skratch (Just A Cat): Oh, of course he has a plan to get out. He's so sure it will work.
Skratch (Just A Cat): But in the end, that arrogance is exactly what will keep him trapped.

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