EggMog Taste Test


Blizzy (Frost Moglin): Oh, look! You got them!
Blizzy (Frost Moglin): Now I'll just squeeze in some of this sparkly, colorful juice, and…
Blizzy (Frost Moglin): Mmm… take a whiff of that, <Hero>!
Hero: That smells amazing!
Blizzy (Frost Moglin): I think these Glow Berries were just what it needed!
Blizzy (Frost Moglin): But… what does my official taste tester think?
«(<Hero> takes a long sip)»
Hero: Oh, wow. Blizzy, this is the best EggMog I've ever had!
Blizzy (Frost Moglin): Yesss! I knew it!
Blizzy (Frost Moglin): Everyone is gonna LOVE this stuff!

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